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running wild with the birds
[fic] Junsu vs. Plushie (Round 1) 
25th-Jun-2008 10:30 pm
window ljk
Name: Junsu vs. Plushie (Round 1)
Author: hikaru_maxwell
Pairing: HoSu, BamHo
Rating: PG
Summary: Junsu wants to confess, but there is something that keeps holding him back...

Prompt from the DBSK prompt generator. Beta'd by s7nluv.

( He had thought that as roommates, he might finally be able to confess...)

This is part of the virdant's crack!verse:

Part 1: Mental State by virdant <3
Part 2: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine by virdant <3
Part 3: Secrets

I recommend reading the first parts before this one, but it's not necessary to understand the story.
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