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running wild with the birds
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25th-Jun-2008 10:30 pm - [fic] Junsu vs. Plushie (Round 1)
window ljk
Name: Junsu vs. Plushie (Round 1)
Author: hikaru_maxwell
Pairing: HoSu, BamHo
Rating: PG
Summary: Junsu wants to confess, but there is something that keeps holding him back...

Prompt from the DBSK prompt generator. Beta'd by s7nluv.

( He had thought that as roommates, he might finally be able to confess...)

This is part of the virdant's crack!verse:

Part 1: Mental State by virdant <3
Part 2: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine by virdant <3
Part 3: Secrets

I recommend reading the first parts before this one, but it's not necessary to understand the story.
24th-Jun-2008 03:34 am - [fic] The Mission
window ljk
Title: The Mission
Author: hikaru_maxwell
Pairings: Jaemin (DBSK), implied kyumin (ss501)
Rating: PG15?
Disclaimer: I don't own these boys, cause if I did, Jaemin would be MINE! <3~
Summary: Jaejoong wants to know why the maids have such a problem with Changmin's room.

(And Jaejoong had no idea what he was getting into.

So this was my first DBSK fandom fic. It's from..gah, two years ago? I never got around to posting it to this community, so I decided that if I don't do it now, I probably never will.

PS. I <3 that Changmin's logic fails in this. It was deliberate, I tell you. Deliberate!
24th-Jun-2008 03:23 am - [fic] Secrets
window ljk
Who here has heard of BamHo? Anyone?

Bamho being the pairing of Bambi (yeah, the disney character) with Yunho (from DBSK), I went and wrote a slightly Bamho crackfic with hints of Jaemin.....

If I wasn't going to hell fore the deathfic I wrote yesterday, my spot is now clinched by the crackfic I wrote today. Yes, indeed.

Name: Secrets
Author: hikaru_maxwell
Pairing: Bamho, Jaemin (minor hints)
Warning: crack!fic, humor
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me....if they did, would I be here writing this?
Summary: Some things are better left unspoken....even when you think you are alone

(What would people say, if they knew?)

Urm, yeah. Don't ask. This was inspired by virdant's wonderful ficlets.

Part 1: Mental State
Part 2: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.

You don't have to read them first to understand this, but I highly recommend it.

Read and review, pl0x?
30th-Dec-2006 02:41 pm - [ChocoMod lives!]
window ljk
Okay, so as my first order of business...I've given pyro_o and s7nluv posting access. Because I <3 their crack. seriously. XD

And in reviewing this community and my state of mind when making it....all I can say is:

O.O Oh, dear Hoho. What have I done?
29th-Dec-2006 04:49 pm(no subject)
window ljk
Yes, I'm stretching your flist. No, I don't really care right now.

Completely stolen from alohdark, and Youtube links to the songs added where I could find them.


1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie!

I imagine it'd look something like this:

Opening Credits:
Summary by Kat-tun and News (Japanese - This is a great start to my soundtrack. Very uplifting song, very suitable for an opening...I imagine a montage of my recent activities, anime conventions, beating up people, honking big swords for birthdays, etc)

Waking up:
Xin Zhon De Ri Yue/Shangri La by Wang Lee Hom (Chinese. This is an awesome song to wake up to. seriously. I can totally see myself getting up and leaving the radio alarm on as I get ready for school. Definitely. I'd be unconciously moving my body and dancing as I brush my teeth. =D My big brother Hiroki would stare at me in wonder, shake his head, and remark that they must have switched me for an alien at birth.)

First Day at High school:
Love Mode by Clazziquai feat. tablo (Korean. This song would be the background for a very interesting first high school experience. Possibly featuring couples making out in the halls and a spotting of Jaejoong Kim as the Kingka of my highschool experience. He will be named Jae Park, in honor of my RP character, and spend inordinate amounts of time leaning against things and looking lickable. XD My high school BFF would of course be Changmin. We meet in dance class when he accidentally kicks me in the face.)

Falling In Love:
The Getaway - Hilary Duff (English. sounds like I'm in an on again off again relationship with my ex. Random coin toss says he is played by Yoochun. this doesn't bode well for the future of my relationship with Jae. DAMN)

Fight Song:
Hey! Girl by DBSK (Korean. This would have to be a moment in the movie where Jae dedicates a song to me, but I don't hear it because me and Min are outside with some gangbangers, kicking ass and taking names! *evil smile*)

Breaking Up:
Countdown by Hyde (Japanese. you can find an english version here. This would be the downward spiral into lack of love. Yep, yep it would. I'm off fighting evil in the form of overzealous High School gangs, and he's worrying about whether pink makes him look fat, and planning to move to the city and join the Korean Backstreet Boys. This probably won't work out.)

Papa Mama Nozomare nu Baby by Miyavi. (Japanese. Now that is one interesting prom song. There'd be a giant mass of people rocking out, and of course Miyavi would perform it personally. Cause it's my movie, damnit! I'd spend the entire time Dancing with Changmin, because at this point I'd not have a boyfriend to go with. I'd refuse to dance with anyone, but min made me dance. We made a spectacle of ourselves by swing dancing to hard rock. XD)

The Last Words You Said by Sarah Brightman (English. About having lost someone who went away. It'd be a montage of Me and Jae memories and waking up reaching for him. Of course, it's after he goes off to join DBSK and we break up about it. And of course, Changmin ran off with him. Which just pissed me off. So I moved to Seoul and got work in a cake shop. There, I met Kevin from Xing, only to have him run off and join a boyband, too. This was the pattern of my life for most of high school, but I never dated. All the other boys couldn't get past the part where I said I'd only date a guy that's prettier than me. That is, until I met Heechul, but he was gay, so it didn't count.)

Mental Breakdown:
Wings by w-inds (In this portion, the sight of my best friend shaking his ass on stage and doing pelvic thrusts along with my one true love and my ex that always came back was too much, causing me to emo horribly, and I tried to commit suicide in a vat of strawberry flavored pudding mix. After I got out of the hospital, my replacement bff Heechul comforted me by saying I really didn't want to be caught dead in strawberry, anyway. I should have chosen a more unusual flavor, like boisenberry.)

Kimi ni funky monkey vibration by Miyavi (Japanese. This is a song to get arrested to while driving. <.< Yes, yes it is. Or at least have little old ladies stare at you and mutter under their breath about "kids these days" as they speed down the highway running over small dogs and hideous lawn ornaments.)

Only an Ocean Away by Sarah Brightman (English. These flashbacks would obviously feature Jaejoong from the high school days, and musings about the fact that he's on the other side of the world from where she is right now. Cause he went to the US. For some stupid MV shoot. At christmastime. Dumb boy. Of course, they're still broken up, so it's not like he'd care about her being left alone and lonely without even Heechul to keep her company. 'Cause like all the rest, Heechul went and joined a boyband. Yep. Like they really needed one more. There were already TWELVE members! But at least he made time for her, unlike her OLD bff, changmin. And dwelling on all this made her flashback to her parents, who were off galivanting around the world with her little sister Chiaki. Yeah, thanks mom. You could have taken me with you. )

Getting Back Together:
Coming Closer by Larc en ciel (Japanese. OMG. Heh heh. There's so much I could say with this. Horny Jae. Teary rain scene ala ISWAK, lots of kissing and making up, Heechul-mama being stood up, etc. But it's okay. Heechul mama only wanted to play dress up in the goth loli store again anyway.)

Phantom by DBSK (Korean. This would be playing as Jae and I walk down the aisle, and I won't be able to resist moonwalking. But it's okay, because Jae will be doing the chacha at the same time. Our Best Man will be Changmin, and my Maid of Honor is Heechul-mama. The one who DIDN'T abandon me. Hiroki-ni will be crying rivers of tears in the first pew.)

Birth of Child:
Holding back the Tears by DBSK (Korean. This song sooo doesn't fit the scene, as I'm screaming my head off and cursing the day I ever took Jae back from his abandonment. Three years waiting for the guy to get up and smell the LoveMuffins, and all I get out it is a stupid KID?! No fucking way!! He's gonna be denied sex until the brat's at least 2. Longer if the kid's a terror. Or I lose my figure.)

Final Battle:
Get me some by DBSK (Korean. I knew I shouldn't have dispersed my DBSK so well. Last three songs have been by them. Damn. And what a final battle. I must be fighting some sort of pervert. Or my ex, yoochun. Either that or I'm in some sort of Battle of the Sexes contest with Jae. Or better yet, all of the above. A pervert, the ex, and the boyfriend on the opposite team, and Me, Min, and my Girly Heechul on the other. Of course, we're wearing skirts. Chul didn't have a problem with it, but we had to bribe Min with lots of food and a whole stack of Pr0n.)

Death Scene:
Tonight by DBSK (Korean. In this scene, I heard that my husband got in an accident, and crashed the car while rushing to the hospital to join him. As I'm lying on the road, half hanging out of the door to my overturned landrover, I flashback to all the scenes I had with Min and Heechul, with Chun, and finally to the BDSM makeup sessions with Jae at the part where they sing about pain becoming delight. I think of many things as my life flashes before my eyes, one of which is the regret that I will never be able to scar my children for life as i'd planned.)

Funeral Song:
Black Butterfly by Tackey and Tsubasa (Japanese. OMG. This seriously sounds like something out of the Copa Cabana. A very upbeat funeral there. And at the end someone shouts "that's a wrap" and we realize it was all a movie film. A crack film funeral. And the dead guy is Heechul in drag.)

Graduation Song:
Footsteps by Jaejoong Kim (Korean. this is a very good graduation song. A very touching moment, ruined only by Changmin attempting to open his diploma cylinder with his teeth.)

End Credits:
La La La by Big Bang (Korean. Oh, dear lord, the ending song leads me to believe that this is definitely a gang movie. And it ends in classic Gangsta style. with massive shootout and girls in skimply clothes dancing on the hood of cars. Yes.)

Two as One by Chrystal Kay and Chemistry (Japanese. This would be the start of a cracktastic sequel. Jae and Eunjoon are happy together, but Changmin still needs a girl. XD)

Dim Sum Girl by Notorious MSG (English. OMG. A montage of all the food scenes in the movie, including the cake shop interactioins with Heechul and Hiroki, and the attempted in drowning in strawberry pudding mix.)

Okay, now it's safe to assume that I REALLY like DBSK. I have no less than twelve BLOCKS of their songs on my winamp. which is how that 3 songs in a row happened, I swear.

Next post will be my cell phone version. Cell phone sequal!
27th-Dec-2006 06:29 am - All Your Bangs are Belong to Chocobo
window ljk
You have ONE chance to survive :: Make Your Crack

XD Welcome to Dong Bang Chocobo. Now, I bet you're wondering what the hell kind of name is that? Well, it's the name I gave this wonderful little fandom community. This community is dedicated to the weirdest, most cracked out fandoms you can think of. Crossovers, strange pairings, Jaejoong-sshi in a goth loli dress? You name it, we've probably considered making it. XD

and if we haven't, I'm sure you have! So come on over, pull up a bottle of What the F*ck, and join the DBC party!
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